Banner Mesh Panels | Big Value for Small Builders

Banner mesh panel

Australian builders looking at marketing their business should look no further than the fence around their worksite. Advertising on construction hoardings is cheap and effective. The only question is whether to use small banners or larger banners for maximum effect. In terms of construction sites, the best solution for fence hoarding is individual mesh panels. 

Banner mesh panels are banners designed to fit on individual temporary fence sections. Most temporary fencing in Australia is around 2.4m x 1.6m. This size is the standard size although the panel banners can be designed to cover the entire banner if a very precise fit is required.

An explosion in banner mesh use, particularly in the construction industry, has kept printers very busy. Branding wars have started between the major building companies. Building sites in prime positions advertise the builder for the full duration of the build. Up to 5 years in some circumstances. Banner mesh is very durable, so this is an amazing amount of inexpensive brand exposure.

Smaller builders have the same opportunity to get their brand out that the bigger builders do. In fact, the advertising of smaller builders is actually more effective. Whilst we are wowed by the latest huge development by Multiplex and co, we are unlikely to give them a call for our new house build. Small builders speak directly to their potential customers, in the area where they are located. It is virtually perfect advertising. Right market, right place and the right time and for an extended period of time.

Compare placing an ad in the local newspaper. an advertisement in a local weekly newspaper can cost around $200 for a tiny ad. Compare that to a mesh banner which is 10,000 times larger and is generally displayed for up to 6 months. The audience (the market) is able to see the job in action. they can make their own minds up about the quality and speed at which the build occurs and whether the builder might suit their future project.

The cost of mesh banners is somewhere between $35 and $80 depending on the quantity. They are reusable time and time again. Banner owners should expect to get 2 years out of a well-maintained banner. In the context of the price of print advertising that represents incredible value for money.

There are other distinct advantages of smaller banners over larger ones – other than price.  Large building sites use long, unbroken sections of mesh. Whilst the continuous branding looks striking, the cumulative wind drags on long sections creating massive sails hanging on temporary fencing.

Printers and sign installers are bombarded with complaints when mesh aids in toppling fences over in high winds.  This is generally a result of the wrong mesh being used for the application. The most common issue is the fence the banner is installed on is poorly braced for possible wind scenarios. Large runs of mesh on open fields really demand virtually a permanent fence installation.

The smaller the banner, the smaller the sail it creates. In the case of individual banner panels, the gaps between the temporary fencing sections provide places for the wind to escape. The cumulative wind drag is significantly lessened.

Panels are also ideal for moving around quickly. Individual panels can be moved on the temporary fence where longer banners need to be unfastened and moved off the fence. Smaller banners also mean that the message can be changed quickly. A different message could be delivered over a short period of time.

Mesh panels are a great choice for small builders and trades. They are much more mobile than longer banners but have an equal impact. They are not ruined by subcontractors removing fence advertising and leaving it lying around. In terms of value for money for a small building company banner mesh is very hard to beat.