Banner Mesh Panels


Banner Mesh Panels

2.4m x 1.6m | 2.4m x 1.8m | custom size

Durable construction site signage

Screens and protects site while advertising your business

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Banner Mesh Panels are designed to fit individual fence temporary fence panels frequently seen on building sites.  Individual panels have a number of advantages over longer banners:

  • Panels allow the fence to be opened anywhere along the fence, instead of only at the ends.
  • Mesh Panels perform significantly better in windy locations because the shorter banners create less wind drag.
  • Panels can be used in conjunction with cheaper shade cloth to cover longer sites without great expense.
  • There is less risk of damage to banners caused by poor care from sub contractors or staff.
  • Easier to make the installation look perfect with no pulls or wrinkles.

What is banner mesh?

Banner mesh is a signage material specially designed for outdoor applications. It is made by applying a soft pvc layer over a polyester scrim(net). The result is a very strong material with high burst strength. It has photo quality image reproduction and can last years outside.

Is mesh or vinyl better for outdoor banners?

Vinyl and mesh are both made from PVC so they share the same strength. Mesh is virtually the same product as vinyl but it is made with perforations to allow the wind to pass through the banner. Mesh is the ideal material for outdoor construction site wraps if used on temporary fencing. The downside to mesh is that the perforations allow light to come from behind the banner. That can wash out the print slightly.


How long do mesh banners last?

Mesh banners last around 2 years in most cases although weather conditions can change this approximation. If the banner is printed on a quality mesh with quality inks then the outdoor lifespan of the print is around 2 years. If the banner is kept in place then the mesh itself can last for up to 5 years before it becomes brittle and starts to crack. 

How much do mesh banners cost?

Banner mesh is sold in different lengths and pricing is usually by the metre or by the roll. Our mesh panel banners are typically 2.4m wide and 1.6m or 1.8m high but we much prefer to make them with custom sizing so our clients get the perfect fit. The cost of these mesh banners range between $40-$80 AUD depending on quantity.

What does a mesh banner look like?

A mesh banner is a type of outdoor signage that has small holes in the material to allow air to pass through. A mesh banner usually has a ratio of vinyl to holes at 70/30, which means 30% of the material is perforated. A mesh banner can have different finishing options, such as hems, grommets, pole pockets, or reinforcement edges. 

Can you see through mesh banner?

Yes, you can see through mesh banner, but the degree of visibility depends on the distance and the lighting conditions. Mesh banners have tiny holes that allow air and light to pass through, creating a semi-transparent effect. From a distance, a mesh banner looks like a solid picture, but as you get closer, you can see the vivid graphics as well as the background behind the banner. The more light there is behind the banner, the more see-through it becomes. 

Is mesh banner waterproof?

Yes, suitable for outdoor advertising, mesh banners are waterproof. Mesh banners are made of a PVC polyester material, which makes them resistant to rain and snow. Unlike other banner materials, mesh banners do not absorb water, which means they will not get damaged or become heavy when it rains.

Are mesh banners wind resistant? 

Mesh banners are durable and can withstand windy conditions, as a result of the small holes, air can flow through.

Can mesh banners be double sided?

Mesh banners can be double sided, but there are some limitations and considerations. Mesh banners are made from a material that has small holes to allow air and light to pass through, which makes them more suitable for outdoor use in windy or sunny areas. However, this also means that the image on one side of the banner will bleed through to the other side, creating a semi-transparent effect. The degree of visibility and clarity of the double sided mesh banner will depend on the distance, the lighting conditions, the complexity of the design, and the ratio of vinyl to holes in the material.  Therefore, it is important to consider the purpose and location of the banner before choosing a double sided mesh option.

What size banner mesh panels do i need?

Choosing the size of your banner mesh panel depends on the size of the temporary fence or the space available for advertising. However, some standard sizes are:

  1. 1.6m or 1.8m high by 2.4m wide: This is the size of a single panel of temporary fencing, and it is suitable for most construction sites or events. The height of 1.6m or 1.8m allows the installer to pull the mesh tight and taut, which showcases the artwork and branding better than a full-height mesh banner.
  2. 1.6m or 1.8m high by 4.8m wide: This is the size of a double panel of temporary fencing, and it is suitable for larger spaces or more prominent locations. The double width mesh banner can display more information or graph.

Can mesh be screen printed on??

Yes, mesh can be screen printed on, but there are some factors to consider before choosing the right mesh count for your screen printing project. Mesh count is the number of threads per inch in a screen, and it affects how much ink passes through the screen and how much detail you can print.

  1. If you want to print with specialty inks that have larger particles, such as glitters or shimmers, you should use a low mesh count, such as 40 to 861. This will allow more ink to pass through the screen and create a bolder print.
  2. If you want to print with standard plastisol inks, you should use a medium mesh count, such as 110 to 15512. This will produce a nice layer of ink with good detail and a soft hand feel.
  3. If you want to print with water-based or discharge inks, you should use a high mesh count, such as 155 and up12. This will allow less ink to pass through the screen and create a thinner print that blends with the fabric.
  4. If you want to print with fine detail or halftones, you should use a very high mesh count, such as 23023. This will produce an extremely soft hand feel, but the ink deposit will be very light and less vibrant.

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Mesh Panel 2.4m x 1.6m, Mesh Panel 2.4m x 1.8m